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X8 RTK Mapping Quadcopter Drone with RTK GNSS GPS

 Aerial surveying quadcopter X8 drone with Sony A6000 camera, telemetry, FPV, aerial video downlink equipment and RTK GNSS GPS unit. This drone is ready to fly and includes - 650mm quadcopter X8 carbon fiber foldable frame with landing gear, Pixhawk auto pilot flight controller, RTK GNSS GPS, Ublox M8N GPS with external compass,  GPS stands,  6pcs 6 cell 5200mah lipo batteries, 10ch 2.4GHZ TX & RX, 3DR Radio,Sony A6000 camera surveying camera, 3 axis brushless gimbal, laptop ground station, custom carrying case, 7" FPV screen, video TX, OSD, Power Module with current and voltage sensor, low voltage alarm, buzzer, 8 - Blheli 30 amp ESC,Ubec, 8- 5010 brushless motors with 14*5 carbon fiber props and 6 LEDS on the rear of the drone.
This surveying/mapping quadcopter drone is fully configured out of the box and is capable of auto flight with waypoints, RTL and even follow me mode. The TX comes configured with six flight modes and 2 channels control the yaw and pitch of the gimbal. With the included Sony A6000 camera you can take professional aerial photos for surveying, mapping and geo-tagging images. To save time add the auto geo-tag module so you do not have to post process the images. The RTK GNSS GPS gives you up to centimeter precision so you can create highly accurate 2D/3D maps. With the included ground station, you can easily create a autopilot mission to survey a piece of land. The ground station also features software to easily geo-tag aerial photos for 3d modeling. The hand-held transmitter gives you remote access to the cameras' shutter via a switch. The included 3DR radio and OSD will transmit flight data to the included 7" FPV and overlay it onto the live video feed from the Sony A6000. The included 2.4ghz radio has built in telemetry so you can see the main lipo battery voltage,TX voltage,RX voltage and even RSSI on the radio screen. You can also use the awesome function Follow Me mode in Mission Planner. This is a very powerful and stable X8 quadcopter. Some of the benefits of  this X8 quadcopter is the ability to handle higher winds, higher altitudes, more power,more stable, longer flight times and even have 4 motor failsafe. That's right if four motors stop working you can safely land the drone as long as there is at least one motor working on each arm. Both beginners and advanced pilots will love to fly this drone and will have no problem learning all the features. 
Some of the many uses of this X8 Surveying Drone include: 
  • Surveying
  • Aerial Photography
  • 3D Mapping 
  • Geo-tagging Photos
  • Real Estate
  • Inspections
  • Farming
  • Security
  • Anything Else You Can Dream Of

X8 Surveyor Drone
Package Contents you will receive: 

Fully Assembled RTF 650mm X8 QuadCopter Carbon Fiber Frame 
Pixhawk Auto Pilot Flight Controller 
Protective Canopy
Ublox  M8N GPS
GPS Stand
External Compass
2.4GHZ 10ch TX with Telemetry
2.4GHZ 10ch RX
Sony A6000 Camera with 16-50mm Lens
7" 5.8ghz Diversity DVR FPV Screen
5.8ghz Live Video Downlink
OSD (On Screen Display)
3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
915MHZ 3DR Telemetry Radio
Power Module with BEC -Voltage and Current Sensor
Low Voltage Alarm
LED orientation lights
6pcs 6cell 5200mah Lipo Batteries (installed parallel)
8pcs Blheli 30amp High Voltage ESC 
8pcs 5010 Brushless Motors
16pcs 14*5 Carbon Fiber Props (4-cw, 4ccw)
Lipo Battery Fast Charger 
Custom Carrying Case
Surveying/Mapping Ground Station
Instructions & Full Specs
Flight time up to 20 minutes.
Weight - 4.7kg
Max Weight - 5kg
Payload - 1kg
Max Payload - 1.3kg (reduced flight time) 
Wind Resistance - 44.3738kmph - 68.5139kmph
Voltage - 22.2v
Max Watts - 1600w
  • Model: X8 RTK

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