Waterproof Multirotors/UAV
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  • Waterproof Quadcopter Drone with Auto Pilot (Aqua Drone)
    This is a fully assembled ready to fly Waterproof Quadcopter Drone with Auto Pilot APM flight controllerThis quadcopter is waterproof so you can fly it in rainy conditions, land and take off from water. This Waterproof Quadcopter Drone is fully autonomous including mission planning with waypoints and follow me mode(need 3DR radio). This drone is very stable and is very fun to fly in rainy conditions. Some functions include 6 programmed flight modes including RTL(return home) and Loiter. Everything is already configured for you and it is ready to fly out of the box. Like always free shipping to USA customers. 

    Waterproof Quadcopter Drone Includes:
    • 585mm Waterproof Quadcopter Frame
    • APM  Auto Pilot Flight Controller 
    • 8ch 2.4ghz TX
    • 8ch 2.4ghz RX
    • 6M GPS
    • External Compass
    • 3cell 5000mah Lipo
    • Waterproof LED lights
    • 4pcs 2212 Waterproof Brushless Motors
    • 4pcs 25amp Simonk(Rapid ECS) ESC
    • 4pcs 10x4.5 ABS Props. 
    • Power Module With Current and Voltage Sensor
    • PPM Encoder
    • Battery Charger
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