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RTF HexaCopters
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  • 650mm HexaCopter W/Pixhawk/Telemetry/Aerial Video Setup
    This is a fully assembled ready to fly High Voltage 6 cell version 650mm aluminum frame drone with Pixhawk flight controller, Telemetry and everything you need to take professional aerial photography. This hexacopter is very powerful and is for advanced pilots who want long flight time and unlimited power. This drone is fully autonomous including mission planning with waypoints and follow me mode. This  is a very stable and easy to fly drone. Some functions include 6 programmed flight modes including RTL(return home) and Loiter. This setup includes 5.8ghz FPV equipment, 3 axis brushless gimbal, HD camera,telemetry and even a retractable landing gear. This package includes upgraded 10 channel 2.4ghz TX and RX.  Everything is already configured for you and it is basically ready to fly out of the box. Like always free shipping to USA customers. 

    Included in this package:
    • 650mm Hexacopter Foldable Aluminum Frame
    • Retractable Landing Gear
    • Pixhawk Auto Pilot Flight Ccontroller 
    • 10ch 2.4ghz TX
    • 10ch 2.4ghz RX
    • 6M GPS
    • External Compass
    • Carbon Fiber Pattern Canopy
    • Professional 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
    • SJcam4000 HD Camera With Live Video Out Cable
    • 200mw 5.8ghz Video Transmitter
    • 7" LED 5.8ghz FPV Screen 
    • OSD - On Screen Display
    • FPV Screen Mount For Transmitter
    • 915mhz 3DR Telemetry Radios
    • 2pcs 3cell 5000mah Lipos in Series= 6 Cell 5000mah Lipo
    • LED lights
    • 4pcs 5010 400KV Brushless Motors
    • 4pcs HV 30amp Simonk(Rapid ECS) ESC
    • 4pcs 12x5.5  Carbon Fiber Props. 
    • HV Power Module With Current and Voltage Sensor
    • PPM Encoder
    • Aux Power Ports
    • 1 - 6 Cell Lipo Balance Charger
    Flight time is about 30 minutes with the included setup. You can upgrade to a bigger battery for longer flight times.
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  • 4k HD Thermal Imaging Hexacopter Drone
    4K HexaCopter Drone With Pixhawk (4K UHD X6)
    For sale is a custom built ready to fly aerial photography 4K UHD Hexacopter Multi-Rotor Drone with Pixhawk, FPV, telemetry, brushless gimbal, and 4K UHD camera. This drone is ready to fly and includes - 700mm carbon fiber foldable hexacopter frame, Pixhawk flight controller, Ublox M8N GPS with compass, GPS stand,  retractable landing gear, 3 axis 32bit brushless gimbal, 4K UHD camera, FPV 7" LCD screen with DVR, OSD, 5.8ghz video downlink, 6 cell 8000mah lipo battery, 10ch 2.4GHZ TX & RX, 3DR radio, power module with current and voltage sensor, low voltage alarm, buzzer, 6 - BLHELI high speed ESCs, 6 - 5010 360kv brushless motors with 14.5 carbon fiber props and 6 LEDS on the rear of the drone.
    This drone is fully configured out of the box and is capable of auto flight with waypoints, RTL and even follow me mode. The TX comes configured with six flight modes and 2 channels control the yaw and pitch of the gimbal. Another channel controls the retractable landing gear so you will have a clear view for the camera. The included 3DR radio and OSD will transmit flight data to included 7" FPV screen. With the 3DR radio you can use the function follow me. The 4K UHD camera will give you super high resolution aerial photos and videos. This Drone is a monster and has a lot of power with over a 2000 gram payload capacity but is very easy to fly. This drone can handle up to a micro DSLR size camera and gimbal (not included). Their are additional options that you can add to this Drone if you want to upgrade it in the future. 


    Package Contents you will receive: 

    Fully Assembled RTF 700mm HexaCopter Frame  
    Pixhawk Flight Controller (includes case)
    Retractable Landing Gear
    Ublox M8 GPS
    Foldable GPS Stand
    External Compass
    2.4GHZ 10ch Telemetry TX 
    2.4GHZ 10ch  Telemetry RX
    3 Axis 32bit Brushless Gimbal
    4K HD Camera With Live Video Feed To FPV Screen
    7" Diversity FPV DVR Screen
    Live Video Out Cable
    OSD(On Screen Display)
    600mw Video Downlink
    915MHZ 3DR Telemetry Radio
    Power Module with BEC -Voltage and Current Sensor
    Low Voltage Alarm
    LED orientation lights
    2pcs 6 cell  8000mah Lipo Battery 
    6pcs BLHELI High Speed ESC
    6pcs 5010 360kv Brushless Motors 
    6pcs 14.5 TMotor Carbon Fiber Props (3-cw, 3ccw) 
    Lipo 200w Fast Charger
    With the included setup you will get up to 30 minute flight time.
    Please feel to contact us with any questions you may have. 
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  • HexaCopter Drone with Auto Pilot
    This is a fully assembled ready to fly HexaCopter Drone with Auto Pilot APM flight controller and telemetry. This drone is fully autonomous including mission planning with waypoints. This is a super stable and easy to fly drone.  Some functions include 6 programmed flight modes including RTL(return home) and Alt Hold. If you add a bluetooth or 3dr radio, this drone is capable of follow me mode. This is a professional hexacopter drone that is very powerful  Everything is already configured for you and it is basically ready to fly out of the box. Like always free shipping to USA customers.

    HexaCopter Drone with Auto Pilot Includes:
    • 650mm Hexacopter Aluminum Foldable Frame
    • Landing gear
    • APM 2.6 FC
    • 8ch 2.4ghz TX
    • 8ch 2.4ghz RX
    • Ublox 6m GPS
    • External Compass
    • PPM Encoder
    • Power Module(Voltage /Current Sensor)
    • 2pcs 4 cell 5000mah Lipo Battery
    • LED Lights
    • 6pcs 5010 750KV brushless motors
    • 6pcs 30amp Simonk(Rapid ESC) ESC
    • 6pcs 12x4.5 Carbon Fiber Props. 
    • APM Buzzer
    • Aux Power Ports
    • 915MHZ 3DR Telemetry Radios
    • 1-6cell 50watt Quick Charger/Balancer
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